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Ferrum Athletics Alumni Corner: Katie (Porter) Lauver '08

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Hometown: Marshall, Virginia
Major at Ferrum: Psychology (Journalism and Art Minor)
Sport: Women's Tennis 

Katie Lauver Katie Lauver has been an entrepreneur for many years. She started her entrepreneurial adventure with her photography business, The Ransom Gallery in 2010. After becoming a published photographer in a few Virginia based art magazines, Katie decided to break free of the Virginia state line and move to Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband Adam, a Ferrum alum. Thinking this would be the mecca for photography and art, Katie discovered that the community was very saturated with artists like herself. A true Gemini spirit, Katie switched roles and started a career in the Optometry field. Katie has now found another passion of hers; eye health. A published and certified optician, Katie now owns her own online boutique selling eco-friendly eye wear and herbal medicine she crafts herself, geared toward eye health and overall wellness.

Lauver's Story

Lauver’s first time in an optometry office was when she was 8 years old. Glasses back in the early 90s were oversized and the lens technology was nowhere where it is today. Not only have frame styles become more trendy making glasses an accessory, but lenses are now capable of giving patients optimal sight with lighter weight technology and advanced optics.  
Through her four years in the optometry field, Lauver has seen time and time again patients constantly looking for a way to boost their eye health. In a world constantly fighting disease, Lauver is interested in prevention. She started her business, The Herbal Spectacle, LLC, in order to provide her local community and beyond a way to focus on living life more naturally.

Lauver creates herbal medicine such as caffeine free tea’s, tinctures, serums and more to boost your eye and overall health. Examples of products include items for dry eye, pink eye, macular degeneration and even natural eye makeup remover. In addition to her eye health selection, she has products for sleep, digestion, stress relief, an entire mom and baby line and much more!  

In addition to herbal medicine that she hand crafts herself, Lauver also carries eco-friendly eyewear on her website. Her selection of polarized sunglasses are all made from recycled metals and plastics with bamboo and beach wood temples. The best part is that for every pair of glasses purchased, a pair of prescription glasses gets donated to a child in need. While protecting your eyes from harmful and damaging ultra-violet light, you can help a child receive the gift of clear sight! 

In Her Own Words

Katie Lauver “I’ve always been a people-person, and helping people is a passion of mine. Being able to bring my knowledge of eye care and health to others is so rewarding. I love helping people to understand how their body works and what they can do to preserve their sense of sight. As a woman-owned, single member business I appreciate any support that can be given by my Ferrum community. I truly value Ferrum’s motto in not only my business but also in my every day life. Not self but others is something I live by and I hope to continue to put others wellbeing in the forefront of my endeavors. If you’re looking for ways to live your life more naturally, visit my online boutique at and be sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram page for new products and updates.” 

My Ferrum Days

Katie was the captain for the women's tennis team for two years and helped lead her team to victory in many matches. She received her four-year varsity letter upon completing her final season in 2008. Katie was the Photography Editor and a staff writer as well for The Iron Blade, Ferrum's school newspaper, where she earned an MVP award her senior year.

Katie Lauver “Being a part of Ferrum’s tennis team was such an amazing experience," said Lauver. "Coach Holden and Coach Baker were awesome at getting us trained to dominate the court. Their leadership taught us how to be strong and fight for a win, while showing good sportsmanship through a loss. I had so much fun with all of the girls and built relationships with them that I still treasure dearly. We were more than just a team, we were sisters.”