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ALUMNI CORNER: Kara Pegram-Tapscott '13

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Hometown: Ridgeway, Virginia
Major at Ferrum: Criminal Justice (Sociology minor)
Sport at Ferrum: Women's Soccer (4 years), Women's Swimming (1)

Kara Pegram-Tapscott '13 What factored into your decision to enroll at Ferrum?
My first visit to meet with the soccer coach, and tour the campus made me feel so welcome, and I knew almost instantly that it was the perfect fit for me. Ferrum has such a close knit,  small town feel that you instantly feel like you belong.

What helped you achieve the success you found as an undergrad?
My family was there for me always. They supported my decision to be a collegiate athlete and helped me through the added challenges that come along with that. I made life long friends both in my team mates and classmates while at Ferrum and they were also a huge part of my success. I had several professors that I was able to confide in as well.

What have you been up to since you left Ferrum, and what are your future plans?
Since graduating in 2013, I applied to join the ranks of the Virginia State Police and graduated from basic as a Trooper in 2014. I went on to complete Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati in Criminal Behavior Analysis in 2015. And got married to my husband who I met at Ferrum as a freshman. I joined the State Police Search and Recovery Team in 2016 and I am a certified Under Water Criminal Investigator (scuba). My future plans include furthering  my education, and continuing to gain experience as a member of the State Police.

How did your experience as a student-athlete help prepare you for where you are today?
Being a student athlete takes a certain amount of dedication and self-motivation. It forces you to manage your time very carefully, and I have carried those things over as a transitioned to working as a Trooper while earning my graduate degree online.  Self-discipline is a huge factor to success in school, sports, your career, and life in general.

Kara Pegram-Tapscott '13 Tell us about a favorite moment as student at Ferrum. Anything you miss the most?
Some of my favorite memories are playing under the lights… we always had the best fans. Another favorite moment would have to be when I met my now husband in the Cafeteria…not to get too sappy!  The thing I miss the most is the energy in the air and the sense of belonging that overcomes you- standing there hand in hand with your team mates as the National Anthem plays and you know that you have worked hard to get exactly where you are in that moment.  And Fold Life weekends, of course.

Any advice for a high school graduate considering coming to Ferrum?
Don’t write Ferrum off because it’s small and secluded. Some of the best people you will ever meet work there as professors, janitors, athletic staff, and everyone in between. Ferrum College is a hidden gem in many ways, but it’s definitely a place where people from all walks of life can find out that who they are is exactly who there were meant to be!